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R Bank Chooses the Cash Recycling Solution that Makes Balancing Easy

Texas financial institution says ARCA’s CM18 simplifies everyday tasks

MEBANE, NC (March 5, 2013) – R Bank in Round Rock, Texas, recently added a new feature to its Austin and Georgetown branches: ARCA’s CM18 cash recycler.

According to Mark D. Kesselring, vice president of operations and facilities at R Bank, the locally owned institution chose the CM18 on a recommendation from Smith Hamilton, a firm that specializes in financial equipment and security systems. The CM18’s UL 291 safe and small footprint made the recycler an ideal fit for two of R Bank’s popular branches.

“For any financial institution, balancing is a hassle at best and a real headache at worst,” said Kesselring. “But the CM18 makes the process simple, thanks to automation. It also keeps us running at full speed throughout the day. Teller outages are a thing of the past.”

Tina Grooms, ARCA project director is happy to report the success of the project, ”We are excited about the efficiencies and savings that R Bank has seen since the implementation of the Arca cash recyclers. Eliminating the manual processes of controlling cash in their branches allows their staff to focus on their customers and not on counting.”

Known for its secure and ergonomic design, the CM18 automates cash in, cash out, balancing and inventory functions for financial institutions, empowering tellers to focus on customers instead of cash counting. ARCA is pleased to partner with CTS Cashpro's CM18 recycler technology and to share in both companies' commitment to innovation and quality.

About ARCA

ARCA’s solutions help people control and streamline cash operations in financial institutions, retail stores, and self-service kiosks around the world. We develop technology and services that make transactions simpler, more efficient and more secure. Visit for more information.

About R Bank

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, R Bank is a locally owned, managed and operated financial institution. It serves the citizens of Williamson and Travis counties with a variety of deposit and loan products. It is also the fastest growing locally owned community bank in Round Rock, with assets of just over $165 million as of December 31, 2012.

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