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Robocoin Introduces Bitcoin Kiosk Prototype


ARCA, TurnKey Kiosks Collaborate with Robocoin to Develop Groundbreaking Kiosk

MEBANE, NC (June 5, 2013) – Robocoin has recently unveiled its prototype Bitcoin kiosk at the Bitcoin: 2013 national convention in San Jose, California. This revolutionary kiosk allows users to purchase or sell the virtual currency from the convenience of a remote terminal.

“The kiosk was created with the simple goal of both expanding the liquidity of Bitcoin as well as providing a simple and convenient means to introduce newcomers to this new and exciting global technology,” said Robocoin co-founder John Russell. “A strong desire exists from within the Bitcoin community to ease accessibility and convenience, which led us to begin development of the unit.”

ARCA, a leader in cash automation, and TurnKey Kiosks, a custom manufacturer of kiosk products, were instrumental in the design and infrastructure of the kiosk.

“After purchasing a prototype unit from TurnKey Kiosks, the development process consisted of integrating the hardware components to our custom Bitcoin software that we had already developed,” Russell said. “They were incredibly helpful in providing us with the device drivers and APIs required to integrate all the hardware - from the bill validator, the cash dispenser, the printer, the barcode scanner, and even future devices that may be included in our production models.”

One of the key hardware components, the Fujitsu F400 bill dispenser, needed to communicate effortlessly with Robocoin’s proprietary software. ARCA provided the device drivers, as well as product support, to help facilitate this interaction.

“Integrating the drivers into our software was an enjoyable experience for the most part,” Russell said. “ARCA's Fujitsu F400 dispenser driver proved to be one of the easiest, most pain-free experiences of them all."

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About Robocoin

John Russell is a software engineer who first heard about Bitcoin when it was only a dollar has been passionately participating with the technology and the community ever since. While he was attaining his Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, he worked in both small and large tech companies before starting Robocoin.

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Based in Peoria, Arizona, TurnKey Kiosks is a family-run business that manufactures custom kiosk products. TurnKey offers a full array of standard solutions from simple Informational and Will Call Ticketing Kiosks to “Full Service” Financial Kiosks capable of completing transactions, including ATM, bill payment, wire transfers, prepaid wireless top up, payroll advance and prepaid long distance cards.

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