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FirstCapital Bank of Texas Embraces Cash Recycling Technology


ARCA’s CM18 cash recycler speeds up branch’s operations and accuracy

MEBANE, NC (June 26, 2013) - In an effort to give customers a faster and more precise banking experience, FirstCapital Bank of Texas has installed an ARCA CM18 cash recycler in its Lubbock branch.

“We were really trying to find a way to do things faster, to handle volume better and to be more accurate,” said George Reeves, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. “We are always concerned about security and that was another key factor in looking at this technology.”

The CM18 eliminates exposed cash drawers for tellers by storing cash inside the unit’s UL 291 safe, which automatically handles deposits and withdrawals. Customers feel safe in open environments with no exposed cash in the branch, and tellers are more efficient because they do not have to manually count the cash.

Lisha King, operations manager at the Lubbock branch, was pleased with how quickly the tellers grasped the value of the machine.

“It took about five minutes until the tellers realized just how much easier it was to make their transactions happen,” King said. “They still wanted to count it instead of just giving it out knowing that it was accurate to the point of not needing to count.”

King continues by saying that end-of-day teller operations have become more efficient.

“I like the ability to hold 90% of our bank cash and keeping up-to-the-minute tally of the totals of what is inside the machine,” King said. “We don’t have to sell money back to the vault. All we do is turn it off and take the coin to the vault. It takes them two minutes to balance.

ARCA is pleased to partner with CTS Cashpro's CM18 recycler technology and to share in both companies' commitment to innovation and quality.

About ARCA

ARCA’s solutions help people control and streamline cash operations in financial institutions, retail stores, and self-service kiosks around the world. We develop technology and services that make transactions simpler, more efficient and more secure. Visit for more information.

About FirstCapital Bank

FirstCapital Bank of Texas is a locally-owned and managed, independent community bank serving the people of West Texas and The Panhandle. Since first opening its doors in 1998, it has offered customers a complete package of banking products and services with a personal smile and handshake by "hometown" friendly people.

FirstCapital Bank has seven branch locations in Midland, Amarillo, and Lubbock.

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