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ARCA-CTS Cashpro CM18 Cash Recycler Certified by Compuflex

MEBANE, NC - December 13, 2010 – ARCA-CTS Cashpro announced today the certification of their newest CM18 teller cash recycler with the Universal Cash Management (UCM) suite of software from Compuflex. This follows the integration of the other ARCA cash automation devices, which are deployed in thousands of financial branches and retail stores throughout North America.

Through this certification, all the financial institutions and retailers currently using the Compuflex UCM software suite can now operate immediately and seamlessly the CM18 cash recycler, with no change to their applications and user interfaces. The CM18 is an innovative teller cash recycler with advanced features / functions that allow a revolutionary approach to the cash management function of a financial institution or retailer.

Among these:

  • Ergonomic design, easy and quick operability to guarantee a high degree of productivity and safety
  • Built-in intelligence to communicate with remote cash management systems and optimize the overall cash-supply chain
  • Multi-output cash slots for quick offline sorting and fitness
  • Multi-media screen display for easy access to the unit’s functions
  • Reduced dimensions, enhanced capacity, and small service area

Compuflex Universal Cash Management (UCM) Suite is the most advanced yet simple path to supporting cash dispensers and recyclers in the market today. With hardware and firmware changing regularly and new products entering the market periodically, making sure that support exists for these eventualities is a full-time job. In short, UCM Suite ensures that software houses do not have to expend valuable internal resources to keep up with the latest changes in firmware. Additionally, Compuflex is unique in being the only independent supplier of universal platform automation solutions, providing drivers for all cash handling devices currently on the market.

“We are very pleased with the integration of our newest cash recycler with Compuflex. This step allows financial institutions and retailers to achieve a rapid integration of the ARCA solutions into their existing applications. It also allows them to improve their cash management processes through the advanced features-functions of the ARCA solutions,” said Aubrey Meador, executive vice president, ARCA.

Mark Farrelly, director of marketing and sales, Compuflex says, “ARCA-CTS Cashpro have made significant investments in the performance, reliability and unique features-functions of their cash management solutions. Their certification on Compuflex software is a significant step forward in helping banks, credit unions and retailers increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs through automating the cash management processes.”

“This is an important step in improving the offering for our North American customers”, said Enrico Bocchiardi, vice president of North America operations, CTS Cashpro. “Financial institutions and retailers will be able to benefit immediately from the advanced features and flexibility that we have built into our next generation cash recyclers.”

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