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Evolution of the Branch

Baby steps. You don't have to amp up the stress and change everything at once. You may want to start by simply improving the efficiency of the teller line. Step two may be adding teller pods and open branches. Step three may be the implementation of the Universal Banker model. You may choose to do all this at once, but with solutions from ARCA you don't have to. Come on in, the water's fine. Take your time.

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What is a cash recycler?

What is a cash recycler?

most deployed cash recycler

We know a thing or two about cash recyclers. ARCA's CM18 cash recycling platform is the most deployed system in the world.

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A cash recycler is a complex machine that handles a couple of simple, but important tasks—accepting and dispensing cash. It also stores money securely, keeps an accurate accounting of cash on hand, and automates the cash cycle. Generally, you’ll find them in banks, credit unions and back-office retail cash rooms.

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Building revenue with better service

Ever wonder how a cash recycler truly impacts branch operations? We spent a few days in central Michigan, talking to a new client, Advia Credit Union, about their experience after installing a bunch of machines.

We walked away with a new understanding of how they affect the staff and members.

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Our Process

We are your sherpa.

Deploying cash automation into your business requires strategy. And ARCA is here to help you develop your plan. We have people whose only job is to analyze your cash operations and recommend a solution to achieve the greatest impact. And here's the best part. There's no obligation and it's free. ARCA's pioneered this comprehensive service and our analysts are eager to help you crunch the numbers and discover what the data indicates your ROI will be. Call now. Really, it's free.

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Customer Service

Simply put—we improve efficiency.

Our technology allows branch employees to focus on customers, not cash. Tellers are free to develop customer relationships, transitioning from traditional bean counters to cross-selling machines.  They no longer have to worry about counting every single dollar that crosses the counter—and then counting it all over again—because our technology does it for them.  At lightning speed.

Keep your cash safe and your employees free to take care of other, more important things—like your customers. Take a look at our white paper "Cash Recyclers Transform Customer Service And Help Increase Profits."

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Game changer. Proactive and predictive. That's our service model. We electronically monitor your machines' daily performance and if we see something that doesn't look quite right, we reach out to you and fix it before it becomes an issue. On-site preventive maintenance is scheduled based on actual note count, not the calendar or broken parts. Our service plan is a deal maker designed to shorten teller lines and keep transactions flowing. 

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