Retail Solutions

Cash Management

ARCA provides a unique end-to-end cash automation solution. ARCA Retail MCS allows our retail customers to deploy best in class ARCA cash automation devices with unprecedented flexibility to choose their own financial institution(s) and armored carrier services.

ARCA Retail Cash Management Services
ARCA Retail MCS 

Work with any bank. Get the best CIT. ARCA manages the rest.

Cash Recyclers

The CM18 family of cash recyclers provides retailers with a fast, safe and flexible cash management system for the front or back office that simplifies traditional labor-extensive cash processes.


Back office cash automation

ARCA CM18 Solo 

The personal cash recycler.


Fixing the back-office cash problem.

Cash Deposit

From point-of-service to the back office, ARCA’s smart safes were designed to deposit cash quickly and efficiently. Each system improves in-store security and builds stronger cash management procedures for the smart retailer.


Lightning quick deposits, with the capacity you need.

ARCA CS1one 

Secure, Fast, Cash Storage


High Capacity, Small Footprint, Stacked Bag Storage

Coin Handling

A coin management solution is the perfect compliment for your cash recycler. By enabling coin recycling in the back office, retailers can significantly reduce handling costs and increase efficiency.


Change has never been so easy.

Telequip Coin Dispenser 

Accurate Change, Instantly


ARCA's management software gives you increased security and enterprise-wide accountability. You can consolidate daily transactions, produce detailed reports, and review cash flow. And of course, it operates your machines.


Total visibility over your cash flow