Bringing your idea from blueprints to product is a chore. Decisions need to be made. Hardware has to be integrated. A huge amount of questions show up. That's where we come in.

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You’ve already done the hard part.

Perhaps you sketched it out on a cocktail napkin. Or, maybe you painstakingly designed it in a CAD program. Either way, it's your great idea.

Now what? Talk to us.

Flawless integration is critical. It's the difference between the realization of a dream and a boat anchor. At ARCA, we work with your team to help make components play nice. We offer creative collaboration, helping developers fine tune their own proprietary systems. They spend their days pouring over designs and dreaming up the simplest, most practical ways of dispensing and receiving cash. They are cash integrators that specialize in turning your pie-in-the-sky idea into a concrete product that works.

We are tech

ARCA offers the finest products in the world. But we're not just a pass-through company. We build and sell cash automation technologies. We understand your challenges, from concept to installation. In fact, there's a production line 50 feet from our CEO's desk.

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OEM Products

Deal Makers
Deal makers

You'll find our expertise and products purring comfortably inside casinos and scoffing at the elements outside car washes. Making that happen requires reliability, knowledge and versatility. We are ready to help you succeed and meet whatever your market demands.

Save Time and Money
Save time and money

Many of the most popular devices on the market communicate with each other through Envoy, ARCA's out of the box solution that accelerates critical development time and will help you get your machines to market faster.

Seriously Secure
Seriously secure

3DES and RSA encryption standards. We know we don't have to tell you what that means and we don't want anyone else to know.

Shut Up and Listen
We know when to shut up and listen

We are cash automation experts and will gladly share our knowledge and opinions with you. However, we won't steamroll you. Unless you want us to.

Parts is Parts
Parts is parts

As if. ARCA is proud to offer only the best-in-class OEM parts. We have earned great relationships with manufacturers of superior products. In fact, ARCA is the exclusive, authorized Fujitsu dealer for North America

The X Factor
The X Factor

It’s something that most people don’t plan for or think about. Machines can become unhinged. And it never happens at a good time. Our groundbreaking solution? We fix them quickly. Mic drop!

"We’ve always been able to give our customers what they really wanted."

Michael Aughney

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