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ARCA cash automation technology allows branch employees to focus on customers, not cash. 

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The cash problem.

Even though branch transactions are dropping, you still have cash. Handling and processing cash creates logistical headaches. It must be counted often and that wastes time. It reduces everyone's productivity. Cash is a drain on resources during a time when the branch's style, functions, and its very existence are being challenged.

The best solution.

Helping reduce costs and allowing your branch staff to increase excellent customer service is what cash automation technology does best. This is a fact. The question is what is the right combination of people, technology and service-offerings that will help you thrive, today and tomorrow.

We believe in evolution, not revolution--incremental baby steps that reduce the chance you'll make a costly commitment you're stuck with in your branch. Our cash automation technology will drive down costs and increase your profits. And we provide industry experts who will come to your site, perform a branch analysis, and help you determine which system is the right fit. It's the best way to find the highest return on your technology investment.

Solutions that fit your world.

What works in Manhattan may be a disaster in Des Moines. And no one succeeds without the right tools. Our approach identifies a perfect balance to keep cash safe, reduce inefficiency and increase profits.

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Increase profit and lower cost

Employees are freed to develop relationships and offer new services to customers and eliminate wasted time and effort counting and corralling cash.

Save time

Automating deposit, validation, denominational sorting, counting, storage and dispensing cash saves tellers as much as 90 minutes a day.

Use cash more efficiently

Recyclers allow you to operate efficiently with less cash-on-hand in each branch, maximize note recirculation and reducing cash-in-transit costs.

Save money

Recyclers are rated for overnight cash storage. With no need to clear cash daily, you can reduce labor and cash-in-transit costs.

Increase safety

Cash automation lowers the amount of cash in the branch environment, reducing risk and increasing the odds a robber would choose a different target.

Increase customer satisfaction

Assisted self-service terminals allow customers to complete their transactions on their own and call for a teller if they need assistance.

We wrote the book on cash recyclers.

ARCA cash recyclers allow employees to focus on customers, not cash. It's a story so epic we turned it into a best-seller.

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"We have happy tellers, happy members, and happy management."

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Branch Manager, Star One Credit Union

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