TurnKey Kiosks
Customer Story

TurnKey Kiosks

TurnKey Kiosks needed flexible software and ARCA was pliable. Kiosk manufacturer needed a no-nonsense partner and ARCA delivered:

  • Industry expertise leading to reduced development times
  • Software solutions for a variety of systems
  • The most reliable cash dispensers on the market

Customer Story (PDF) 

When Gary Strachan founded TurnKey Kiosks, he wanted to provide innovators a one-stop solution for developing kiosks.  After spending more than 35 years in the self-service kiosk industry, Strachan knew the difficulties faced when trying to create a machine from scratch.  Working with different vendors for hardware, software, integration, delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance was problematic.  So, Strachan created a standardized kiosk framework and chose key internal components that could be adapted to fit the needs of most developers and engineers. 

A brief corporate snapshot: Based in Peoria, Arizona, TurnKey Kiosks is a family-run business that manufactures custom kiosk products.  TurnKey offers a full array of standard solutions, from simple Informational and Will Call Ticketing Kiosks to “Full Service” Financial Kiosks capable of completing transactions including ATM, bill payment, wire transfer, prepaid wireless top up, payroll advance and prepaid long distance cards.

The Challenge:

Finding a Bill Dispenser that Integrates with Microsoft and Linux Easily

TurnKey’s business model is a bit different than that of the typical ARCA OEM customer.  They came to ARCA needing a cash automation solution that would work in a one-size fits-all kiosk format.  It needed to accommodate everyone in the simplest and most direct manner.   Most importantly, it also had to satisfy the software needs of engineers and innovators—which is a very tall order.

There were other factors to consider.  Since TurnKey services its own products, it had to be reliable.  It had to have a small footprint.  And most of all, it had to easily integrate with software written for both Microsoft and Linux.  Many of the cash dispensers on the market had software restrictions that made it difficult for TurnKey to easily accommodate its clients’ software.  Finding a bill dispenser that satisfied everything was going to be a very difficult task.

The Solution:

The Fujitsu F400

Strachan had worked with ARCA in the past and knew that they had the expertise and the product line to accommodate TurnKey’s requirements.  After reviewing the options, ARCA and TurnKey decided that the Fujitsu F400 was the best fit.  A key point was that ARCA’s device driver could be easily integrated into whichever software was going to run the dispenser.

“ARCA was able to provide device drivers, both in Linux and in Microsoft, that enabled a quick and clean integration of the product into the kiosk,” Strachan said.  “That’s really what drove it.  It was the support behind the Fujitsu dispenser.  ARCA had device drivers written in Linux and Microsoft to support the Fujitsu, and no one else had that.”

Although software integration was a major concern for TurnKey, they also needed a reliable and secure bill dispenser. The F400’s industry-wide reputation for reliability was another selling point.

“We stick with the F400, which we believe is Fujitsu’s workhorse of their product line,” Strachan said.  “It’s like the energizer bunny.  It just runs and runs and runs and runs.  It never has a problem.  As a kiosk manufacturer who supports what we sell, it’s a device made in heaven.  We never have any trouble with it.”

Bottom line:  For TurnKey Kiosk, the dependable Fujitsu F400 and ARCA’s cash automation expertise fit the bill.