Keeping a watchful eye on your investment.

Proactive performance monitoring.

One of the many benefits of our cash recyclers is ARCA Care, our proactive preventative maintenance program. ARCA Care’s automatic reporting system allows us to monitor the health of your machine and detect a performance issue before it becomes a problem, maximizing your device's uptime. It’s a service portal where service history, machine data and technician information come together to form a complete performance picture. 

How it works.

ARCA cash recyclers have the ability to send a log file automatically, on a daily basis to the ARCA Care database. The log is an outbound binary file that is received by ARCA then decrypted, allowing the ARCA Care team to see any areas of concern or where support may be needed.

Is the data transmission safe from an IT security perspective?

Yes. The log files are outbound, one-way, encrypted data files. The files contain error code information, as well as note volumes. The data allows ARCA to assess behavior of a device during a specific period of time.

The log files do not contain any proprietary information or cash data such as  denomination amounts or customer identification. Recyclers are not able to receive inbound messages. 

Why ARCA Care? Here are a few of the benefits:


Increases efficiency

  • Issues are diagnosed on a remote basis, saving valuable maintenance time and unnecessary equipment outages.
  • Service technicians know the issues and bring the right parts on the first call 93% of the time.
  • Prioritizes higher maintenance (preventive/corrective) actions.
  • Data collection is automatic allowing analysis to begin immediately.

Prolongs productivity

  • Reduces/eliminates unnecessary downtime and emergency repairs.
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Expands maintenance intervals.
  • Moves from the typical “time-­‐based maintenance” to a “condition-­‐based maintenance” approach.