Keeping an eye on your safe

When you buy cash recycling technology from ARCA we help make sure it's running properly by proactively monitoring your machine's health and performance. ARCA Care is an automatic reporting system that tracks operational wear and tear. If something doesn't look right, we'll fix it before it becomes a bigger problem. Messages are sent directly from the device to ARCA and do not contain proprietary or identifying customer information.

Below are a few benefits of ARCA Care:


Increases efficiency

  • Issues are diagnosed on a remote basis, saving valuable maintenance time and unnecessary equipment outages.
  • Service technicians know the issues and bring the right parts on the first call 93% of the time.
  • Prioritizes higher maintenance (preventive/corrective) actions.
  • Data collection is automatic allowing analysis to begin immediately.

 Prolongs productivity

  • Reduces/eliminates unnecessary downtime and emergency repairs.
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Expands maintenance intervals.
  • Moves from the typical “time-­‐based maintenance” to a “conditioned-­‐based maintenance” approach.