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Triad Design Group Chooses ARCA for Self-Service Kiosks

MEBANE, NC (March 19, 2013) – ARCA and Triad Design Group are working together to develop bill breaking kiosks for self-service car washes, laundromats, and arcades. These kiosks give customers the ability to break large denomination bills, into something much more manageable.

“Customers go to a self-service car wash with a twenty dollar bill and there’s a good chance they might not wash their car,” said Chuck White, President of Triad Design Group. “They need fives, ones, or coins. Otherwise, they might just walk away.”

The collaboration of cash automation expert ARCA and Triad Design Group led to incorporating another company’s product into the design—the Fujitsu F53. By utilizing the Fujitsu F53, Triad Design Group was able to get a quality, time-tested product at an affordable price. In addition to distributing the Fujitsu technology, ARCA also provides integration support.

“Every cash dispenser that I’ve ever purchased has been through ARCA,” White said. “There’s no reason, why we won’t continue our long lasting relationship with ARCA.”

ARCA and Triad Design Group have been developing self-service kiosks for 14 years, with roots based in the casino industry. The first collaboration between the companies featured kiosks that assisted slot machine patrons with breaking large bills. The experience working with casinos, led ARCA and Triad Design Group to create a kiosk that specifically targeted different industries.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Chuck White and the team at Triad Design Group over the last 14 years,” said Mort O’Sullivan, CEO and Founder of ARCA. “As their business has expanded beyond gaming to markets as diverse as laundry and car wash automation, we've enjoyed the challenge of bringing cash automation technologies to new applications."

About ARCA

ARCA’s solutions help people control and streamline cash operations in financial institutions, retail stores, and self-service kiosks around the world. We develop technology and services that make transactions simpler, more efficient and more secure. Visit for more information.

About Triad Design Group

For over two decades Triad Design Group, has specialized in bill dispensing and bill breaking machines for casinos, car washes, laundromats, and amusement parks. Based in Littleton, MA, Triad Design Group manufactures, distributes and services kiosks nationwide. Recently, Triad Design Group has signed a long-term deal with Rowe to distribute the model 500 series bill breaker. For more information, visit

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