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LUTZWOLF certifies the ARCA-CTS Cashpro CM18 Cash Recycler

MEBANE, NC – December 6, 2010 – ARCA - CTS Cashpro announced today the certification of their newest CM18 teller cash recycler with the LUTZWOLF®DeviceController,(LDC) a device-management platform which provides application programs to the banking sector with a standardized method for accessing and managing bank terminals of all types and brands. This latest certification follows the integration into LUTZWOLF®DeviceController of the other ARCA cash automation devices, which are deployed in thousands of financial branches and retail stores throughout North America.

The LDC can:

  • make peripheral devices available in a network regardless of how they are physically accessed
  • make a single standardized access point available to application programs for all peripheral devices in the LDC system.
  • make a central point available for configuration and administration of all peripheral devices contained in the LDC system
  • make available a simple API (Application Programming Interface), which facilitates fast integration of access functions for peripheral devices into application programs.

The LDC provides an integration platform for devices, which enables access to all peripheral devices for application programs via a single, standardized access point. These devices can either be connected to the workstation on which the relevant application is running or to any workstation that is part of the LDC system.

More than 75,000 copies of LDC are currently installed around the world and this latest certification gives the opportunity to all the financial institutions currently using this solution to seamlessly integrate the ARCA CM18 and other devices of many manufacturers, with no change to their application interface.

The CM18 is an innovative teller cash recycler with advanced features/functions that allows a revolutionary approach to the cash management function of a financial institution or retailer.

Among these:

  • Ergonomic design; easy and quick operability to guarantee a high degree of productivity and safety
  • Built-in intelligence to communicate with remote cash management systems and optimize the overall cash-supply chain
  • Multi-output cash slots for quick offline sorting and fitness
  • Multi-media screen display for offline and direct access to the unit’s functions
  • Reduced dimensions, enhanced capacity, and small service footprint

Lutz Wolf, managing director at LUTZWOLF® Systems GmbH, says, “The integration of the ARCA – CTS Cashpro devices proves one more time the flexibility and multivendor capability of our LUTZWOLF®DeviceController. Our mission is to provide financial institutions around the world with the simplest and most effective tools to integrate the peripherals of their choice, with significant reduction in their development and support costs.”

“This is a very important step in the integration of our cash solutions in North America. The integration of the CM18 into LUTZWOLF DeviceController will give banks and credit unions the possibility to easily and rapidly connect our state of the art cash recyclers to their core systems. The advanced features and flexibility we have built into the CM18 set our offering well ahead of any other supplier and give financial institutions the possibility to radically improve the cash management processes inside their organizations,” said Aubrey Meador, executive vice president, ARCA.

“CTS Cashpro has always invested in technology in order to have total flexibility and control over their own products. It is the only company in this industry that has over one hundred engineers focusing entirely on cash recycling. Our products, though, cannot reach the End User without strong partnerships with companies like LUTZWOLF that with their DeviceController SW simplifies the integration process,” said Enrico Bocchiardi, vice president of marketing, CTS Cashpro.

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