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Kansas Bank departs from traditional branch layout, installs ARCA cash recyclers

Alterra Bank uses technology to give customers a better branch experience

MEBANE, NC (January 29, 2014) In an effort to provide better customer service through cash automation, Alterra Bank has installed two ARCA CM18 cash recyclers in its Leawood, Kansas, branch. By installing the CM18s, Alterra Bank was able to move to a universal banker approach rather than the traditional teller line found in most financial institutions.

“We’ve combined teller and new account representative roles,” Debbie Eldridge, Branch Operations Manager at Alterra Bank, said. “The recyclers are tucked underneath the desks and are available when you need it. It’s a whole different customer experience. Instead of standing at a window, customers can actually sit down and do their transaction with you—while having a cup of coffee.”

The ARCA CM18, which automates essential cash functions, helps tellers work faster and more accurately. This has enabled Alterra Bank to reduce trips to the vault, eliminate the use of teller cash drawers and improve its customers’ experience at the branch. The technology allows tellers to better engage their customers.

“With the CM18, we’ve reduced the time when customers are waiting for us to count money,” Eldridge said. “Normally the process for tellers would be to count money three times into the drawer or out of the drawer. It’s definitely sped up process times. I think it’s been awesome for us. Overall, I love the machine.”

The CM18 Cash Recycler automatically counts, authenticates and safeguards cash deposited by tellers. The same cash becomes immediately available to be dispensed for teller cash withdrawals. This advanced technology eliminates the need for tellers to count cash both at the teller line and at the vault, which normally takes two to three hours of a teller’s time per day. This technology improves teller accuracy, reduces member wait times, lowers staffing requirements and ultimately enhances the customer experience.

“Our technology is perfect for the new universal teller model,” Tina Grooms, Project Director at ARCA, said. “By eliminating the manual processes of controlling cash in the branch, staff is better able to focus on their customers and not on cash.”

ARCA is pleased to partner with CTS Cashpro's CM18 recycler technology and to share in both companies' commitment to innovation and quality.

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