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Ennis State Bank Outfits Dallas Branch with ARCA Teller Cash Recycler


MEBANE, NC (March 26, 2013) Ennis State Bank installed an ARCA CM18 cash recycler a year ago in their Dallas branch (Trinity Capital Bank) and continues to be pleased with the results. From a teller’s perspective, the speed, convenience and accuracy of the recycler has been impressive.

“It’s a lot faster,” said Lauren Munn, Customer Service Representative at Trinity Capital Bank. “Just key in the amount, hit enter and it gives you your money. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ve been open over a year now and we have not had a single teller out of balance.”

The CM18 eliminates exposed cash drawers for tellers by storing cash inside the unit’s UL 291 safe, which automatically handles deposits and withdrawals. Customers feel safe in open environments with no exposed cash in the branch, and tellers are more efficient because they don’t have to manually count the cash.

“We love it here,” Munn said. It’s a lot safer to me too, because we don’t have all of that cash out. I think it’s safer and faster.”

Debra Morton, Vice President at Ennis State Bank, has been pleased with how seamlessly the CM18 was integrated in their system.

“With the training that was provided for us, it’s a very easy system to learn,” Morton said. “In fact, we didn’t have any issues with it at all, even tying into our core systems. Overall, in regards to the usage and the maintenance of it, I’m just very pleased with how the machine is performing.”

ARCA is pleased to partner with CTS Cashpro's CM18 recycler technology and to share in both companies' commitment to innovation and quality.

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About Ennis State Bank/Trinity Capital Bank

Ennis State Bank has been a trusted friend to businesses and individuals in Ennis, Texas since 1933. It is one of the last independently owned, community banks in the area. A second branch, Trinity Capital Bank opened in 2011 to focus on serving the individuals, families, and small businesses of the Dallas area. Visit for more information.

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