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ARCA releases new application to track retail cash

Mebane, NC (August 25, 2021) - ARCA, an industry leading provider of cash automation solutions for retail businesses, financial institutions and self-service kiosks has announced the release of ARCA Insight - a secure, web-based application for ARCA retail customers to view, analyze and report in real-time their cash activity at each store location and their entire business enterprise.

ARCA Insight works together with ARCA’s back office cash and coin recycling devices to capture and collect transaction data. The web-based application analyzes and presents this data through customized on-screen or exported reports. These reports are site-specific and also actively consolidates data from multiple stores in a regional operation or throughout the entire retail organization.

ARCA Insight automates time-consuming manual generation and merging of revenue statements from POS terminals, individual stores, or regional operations. This frees store managers to provide more sales support for their staff and more accurate business data for their accounting teams. As a cloud-based application, ARCA Insight provides benefits including automatic updates, increased security, data protection, sustainability, accountability and more.   

“ARCA Insight introduces an additional level of automation for our retail customers,”  says ARCA Product Manager Brian Honeycutt. “Store operations and accounting teams who are forced every day to merge revenue statements from different software within the company will now be able to save significant amounts of time.” 

ARCA Chief Sales Officer Joel Leslie adds, “For more than 20 years, ARCA has a proven track record with our bank and credit union customers who depend on the accuracy and efficiency of our products to save them time and save money. Now cash-intensive businesses, such as cannabis retailers, will realize great benefits not only in their back office but also in their cash tracking and accounting offices. We’re excited to help them grow their business.”

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