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ARCA Provides 'Handsome' Drive-Thru Solution to Y-12 Federal Credit Union


MEBANE, NC – Y-12 Federal Credit Union has installed the ARCA CM18 cash recycler to help solve problems inherent to their distinctive branch design. Unlike many traditional financial institutions, Y-12 F.C.U. has an off-site drive-thru building, which presents unique security and efficiency challenges for the institution.

There are three auto lanes that run off the CM18, so it’s vital that it takes in as much cash as possible without having any downtime, according to branch manager M.J. Hutchison. “We can’t troubleshoot it, because we don’t have cash out there. It’s important that we bought a machine that stayed up—and this machine has been dependable.”

The CM18 cash recycler eliminates exposed cash drawers for tellers in branches. Cash is stored inside the unit’s UL 291 safe, which automatically counts, authenticates and secures cash deposited by customers. This provides the branch with reduced transaction times, improved teller accuracy, increased security and more efficient control over their cash inventory. ARCA is pleased to partner with CTS Cashpro to bring their innovative cash recycling technology to the United States.

“Honestly, if the machine can work in my drive-thru it can work anywhere,” Hutchison said. “I love the machine. We nicknamed it ‘handsome’.”

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About Y-12 Federal Credit Union

From a modest beginning in 1950, the Y-12 Federal Credit Union works with over 78,000 members as a full service financial institution. Based in Oak Ridge, Tenn., Y-12 F.C.U. serves the following counties: Anderson, Loudon, Blount , Roane, Campbell, Sevier, Knox, and Union.

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