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ARCA Helps Pomegranate Offer Superior Customer Service

There’s something special about Pomegranate Supermarket. In an era of fast food, superstores and online ordering, Brooklyn’s kosher gourmet grocer is bringing back the charm of old-fashioned customer service.

Of course, the shelves and cases at 1507 Coney Island Avenue are stocked with best-quality produce, delicate pastries, fresh sushi, kosher meats, hard- to-find specialties and more — but don’t just come for the food. Here, friendly managers greet customers by name and are quick to offer advice and assistance, reminiscent of the now-gone family-run markets that used to serve cities and towns across the country.

“The first time people shop here, it’s because they’ve heard we have a great selection or because they’re looking for great kosher foods,” said Abraham Banda, owner of Pomegranate. “But what keeps them coming back? The way we treat them. We’re a neighborhood place. We know you and the products you prefer and we’ve got a cart and a smile waiting for you when you walk in the door.”

This kind of service doesn’t happen by accident. The customer-first philosophy starts with Banda, who is committed to creating an exceptional shopping experience — whatever it takes.

And that’s where ARCA comes in. Because Banda wants his front-end managers focused on customers, not cash, Pomegranate uses a cash recycler — a secure vault that dispenses and accepts paper money. When front-end managers need to distribute start funds, accept end-of-shift tills or make mid- day exchanges, they don’t head for a cash room or waste time counting bills.

“The ARCA solution provides fast, secure and accurate cash handling, freeing managers to help customers and keep this fast–paced, high-energy store running smoothly,” said Jim Halpin, retail solution director for ARCA, which designed and manufactured the system. ARCA provides transaction automation solutions for high-volume retail environments like Pomegranate, where at least 10 checkout lanes are always operating.

When Pomegranate first opened, it used a different recycler. But the machine jammed frequently and rejected too many bills, bogging down the process. So the store brought in the reliable ARCA 8000. They’ve been using it ever since.

“The ARCA 8000 keeps our store running like we want it to,” said Banda. “Before, we spent too much time counting money. Now, the machine handles the cash and we focus on the customer experience so our shoppers get the service they expect from Pomegranate. Best of all, ARCA serves its customers the way we serve ours, so their team is always available and ready to lend a hand.”

In addition to ensuring incredible reliability, the ARCA 8000:

  • Issues start funds automatically.
  • Reconciles quickly at every end-of-shift turn–in.
  • Prepares bank deposits automatically so funds change hands fewer times.
  • Features an ATM-grade vault, which separates till cash from bank deposits.
  • Eliminates the need for a cashroom—and dedicated cashroom staffing.

First used in banks and credit unions, the technology behind the ARCA 8000 is now making a difference for retailers, who need the same level of speed and accuracy demanded by financial institutions. And it’s really making a difference for Pomegranate, where the customer is at the center of everything that happens.

“The ARCA 8000 lets us do what we do best — serve shoppers,” said Banda. “We take care of them and let ARCA take care of our cash.”

About ARCA

ARCA’s solutions help people control and streamline cash operations in financial institutions, retail stores, and self-service kiosks around the world. We develop technology and services that make transactions simpler, more efficient and more secure. Visit for more information.

About Pomegranate

Located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Pomegranate is one of New York City’s most popular kosher grocery stores. The 20,000-square-foot market offers a wide range of products — from gourmet cheeses and freshly prepared sushi to gluten-free baked goods and international spices — all of which are certified kosher. It is committed to providing quality products and unmatched customer service. To learn more, call (718) 951-7112 or email

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