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ARCA Employees Collect More Than 400 Food Items For Holiday Food Drive


Mebane, NC (December 23, 2013) — ARCA employees collected more than 400 nonperishable food items and toiletries during its holiday food drive. The items were donated to the The Lamb’s Chapel food pantry located in Haw River and will benefit about 20 area families during the holiday season.

“Our food contribution will have a positive impact on this valuable community resource,” said Aubrey Meador, President at ARCA. “The holidays are an important reminder to give back to our community.

ARCA employees collected the food and necessities for the Lamb’s Chapel over the course of about two weeks. The Lamb’s Chapel operates one of the few food pantries that serve community residents in the Mebane area. The food pantry serves local families by providing them with about $100 worth of groceries each week.

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About The Lamb’s Chapel

The Lamb’s Chapel is a non-denominational church based in Haw River, NC. Pastor Brian Biggers leads the congregation.