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ARCA Cash Recyclers Replace Older Cash Dispensers at Bank of Tennessee for Improved ROI

MEBANE, NC – February 1, 2012 – Bank of Tennessee has selected ARCA as the provider for their cash automation needs in several branch locations throughout eastern Tennessee. The Kingsport main office branch has realized the benefits of cash recycling through time savings and more efficient transactions, especially when serving high-volume commercial customers. Additionally, with a reduced need for exposed cash and automated tracking of cash inventories, the recyclers provide heightened security while fostering a more open environment for bank employees to engage with their customers. Bank of Tennessee has been automating branches with the ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler since the beginning of 2011.

“The recycler is robust. We operate in a very high volume environment and we run a lot of cash through the recycler. I really like the increased speed at which we can handle commercial deposits, and even with these high usage levels the need for service, cleaning and general maintenance is rare,” comments Jennifer Roberts, assistant branch manager at the Kingsport branch. “We can now place more focus on our customers. The traditional tasks of counting, banding, denominating, vault buys and vault sells have often prevented us from engaging with our customers, but now we have time to grow better customer relationships. Even while the unit is processing transactions we can engage them.”

“Bank of Tennessee, a long time user of cash dispensers, made the decision to move to cash recyclers to provide their branches a complete cash management system. Recyclers handle all cash transactions, both in and out, improve their security position and allow their tellers to re-focus their time on significantly improving the customer experience,” says Ralph Sanders, financial sales consultant at ARCA.

“The unit saves me two and a half to three hours a day now that my tellers can buy and sell under single control. And, they have next to nothing to balance at the end of the day,” says Patsy McCray, Head Teller and Vault Teller for the Kingsport branch. “I feel safer not having a drawer full of cash, plus I do not need to spend large amounts of my day going back and forth with my tellers to the vault.”

The ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler is designed as a flexible solution that works very well in high cash volume branches. The Recycler automatically counts, authenticates and secures cash deposited by customers. The same cash becomes immediately available for customer withdrawals, eliminating the need for the tellers to manually process cash. This technology provides the branch with reduced transaction times, improved teller accuracy, increased security and more efficient control over their cash inventory.

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About Bank of Tennessee

Bank of Tennessee has been locally owned and operated in the Tri-Cities since our doors first opened in downtown Kingsport in May 1974. Our company has grown to employ more than 180 professionals in 11 branches and an operations center in the Northeast Tennessee region plus a business banking location in Nashville. At Bank of Tennessee we pride ourselves in being a trusted friend in the Tri-Cities region. The Bank is driven to provide customers with superior service and convenience. Bank of Tennessee recognizes customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Bank of Tennessee has a commitment to providing a safe and sound financial institution for its shareholders, customers, employees and communities. The Bank had a year-end asset level of $633.1 million at the conclusion of 2010. Click here for our 2010 BT consolidated report.

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