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A second ARCA cash recycler for credit union

Dutch Point Credit Union continues its commitment to efficiency in operations.

Mebane, NC (November 11, 2014) — Connecticut-based Dutch Point Credit Union has teamed with ARCA, a global leader in cash automation for financial institutions, to supply its cash recycling technology solutions. The credit union’s relationship with ARCA began in April of 2013 when Dutch Point purchased its first CM18 cash recycler. Realizing the need for efficiency in its high-traffic branches, Dutch Point Credit Union spent time researching cash management technology vendors and ultimately chose ARCA.

“One of the primary reasons we chose ARCA’s CM18 is because of the system’s ability to increase efficiency in our high-traffic branches,” Collette Giarratano, Director of Branch Operations at Dutch Point Credit Union, said

Since their initial machine’s installation last year, Dutch Point Credit Union has seen a significant decrease in the time it takes to count, handle and store cash.

Giarratano went on to say, “The recycler saves us so much time because we can put two tellers on it at once. And because tellers can balance the machine in less than ten minutes, the tellers that are using the recycler are able to stay open longer while other tellers balance. This is especially helpful on our busy days.”

Dutch Point Credit Union has experienced an enhanced employee-member dynamic since the installation of the CM18 recycler.

“Our staff’s commitment to our members and their best interests is what sets us apart from other credit unions,” Giarratano said. “Because our tellers and managers no longer have to make countless trips to the vault or spend time counting cash to make sure the transaction is accurate, they’re able to talk with the member to uncover financial needs and provide a better member experience while reducing their wait time.”

On the topic of security, Giarratano said, “The fact that the currency is stored in a vaulted recycler versus an open cash drawer gives our tellers a heightened sense of security.”

In addition to Dutch Point Credit Union’s improved operations efficiency and enhanced member service, Giarratano commented on the reliability of the CM18, “It’s been very reliable. The very few times it did jam or have an issue, the customer service rep was amazing. And we were able to resolve it right over the phone, which is huge when we rely so much on it.”

The CM18 cash recycler automatically counts, authenticates and secures cash deposited by members. This provides the branch with reduced transaction times, improved teller accuracy, increased security and more efficient control of its cash inventory.

"We have been excited to see the results that have been realized at Dutch Point Credit Union,” Andrew Rowe, Vice President of Business Development at ARCA, said. “We are thankful for the great partnership we have had with them and look forward to continuing to be a part of their growth and success."

Dutch Point Credit Union plans to install their second ARCA CM18 in one of their community offices in September.

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Since 1960, Dutch Point Credit Union has been serving communities throughout Connecticut, providing each of its members trusted financial services based on integrity, respect, and social responsibility. After beginning as a single-sponsor credit union, Dutch Point now offers benefits and services in 4 counties, partners with over 200 companies, and has assets of over $230 million. Through customized solutions and a commitment to service excellence, DPCU has helped its over 22,000 members create financial security and reach their financial goals.

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