Our History

— 1998 —

When Opportunity Presents Itself...

ARCA's founder, Mort O'Sullivan, didn’t begin his career intending to revolutionize the cash handling business—he wanted to brew beer. At the age of 26, while studying for a Master’s degree in brewing and distilling an opportunity presented itself.

He pounced and in 1998 ARCA was formed. The rest is history.

— 2002 —  

The Start of a Great Relationship

And with a handshake, the deal was complete. CTS, a leader in cash automation technology, chose ARCA as their North American partner. This began an alliance of success.

Armed with beautifully engineered machines from CTS, ARCA connected with an industry that had changed little in generations. Cash automation, a better way to conduct financial transactions, had arrived.

— 2005 —

ARCA Expands Across the Big Pond

Seven years after opening its doors in the United States, ARCA expands operations to the United Kingdom. This strategic move announces to the industry that ARCA is a company to watch.

— 2008 —  

A Technological Marvel

Engineers in Italy premiere the CM18 Cash Recycler. It is destined to become the most deployed cash recycler technology platform in the world.

— 2013 — 

ARCA Grows

With new expanded facilities at their Mebane, North Carolina headquarters, ARCA realizes unprecedented gains in efficiency and production, building a loyal customer base in the process.

— 2014 —

ARCA and CTS Become One

ARCA and the CTS Group join forces, bolstering their product offerings and building one of the strongest financial and retail automation companies in the world. This is achieved by bringing all of the companies underneath the ARCA umbrella: CTS Electronics, CTS Cashpro, CTS North America, CTS Solutions, and Finsolint

— Today —  

Reimagining Everyday Transactions

ARCA continues to build on its solid foundation, discovering new ways to help businesses work better and smarter with technology. Innovation takes curiosity, to wonder and imagine what a more efficient process looks like. At ARCA we are dedicated to the science of making doohickeys and whatchamacallits work, so you don’t have to.