About Us


At ARCA, we believe automation doesn’t replace people, it makes them better. For 20 years, our cash automation technologies have delivered undeniable value to financial institutions and retail businesses by saving them time and money. We work with customers all over the world to understand their cash problems and they trust us to deliver the right solution for their needs. 

Cash is a lot of work. ARCA makes it easy.


Our Worldwide Leadership

Here's a closer look at our leadership team members.

Leadership Team

Research and Development

Can't get no satisfaction.

15% revenue reinvested into R&D annually.

We're not satisfied—and that's ok.    

This is why we make such a massive investment into Research and Development. It's simple really. We believe in the power of our team's imagination and their ability to design products that will change the world.

Research and development is the foundation of who we are as a company. It's our core.  


A bit of recognition

At ARCA, we do the best we can to make our customers happy. Along the way, we have been recognized with awards as you can see. But our first priority is to the people and businesses who have trusted us to deliver excellent service and reliable technology. To them we say thank you.  

A few awards

Smart People

We work with some smart people

In Italy there is a saying. Batti il ferroquando è caldo. It means strike when the iron is hot. Our clients have the vision to know when the iron is hot. They have chosen to strike, rather than continue to do things the old way. They are innovators and we salute them.

Our clients

Core Values

This isn't just lip service...

We put customers first.

Making our customers' lives better is our primary objective. We always follow through with our commitments to our customers.

We deliver great technology.

We encourage experimentation in pursuit of better products. We are proud of what we make.

We embrace change.

We believe there is always a better way to do something and we are committed to continuous improvement. Learning is a lifelong process.

We show respect to all people.

We treat all people with kindness and humility.

We have fun.

We love what we do and look for the positive in all situations. We never take ourselves too seriously.