Branch banking in the time of coronavirus  

A discussion series with operations leaders about staffing, technology and procedures during a pandemic.


Skeleton staff branch operations: Tips, successes and pitfalls to avoid

In our first session, Theresa Hainsworth, VP of Operations at Arrowhead Credit Union, detailed how her branches have adapted to operating during the crisis.

Theresa and ARCA Solutions Consultant Briana Aguilar covered everything from customer and staff safety protocols to how technology has played a vital role in increasing transaction efficiency and security.

When the gloves come off: Cash handling procedures and automating branch cash environments after coronavirus.

During our second session, Jeremy Miller, Vice President, Manager of Retail Administration and Branch Transformation at Byline Bank, gave an overview of how his branch network staff have handled policies, procedures and cash handling technology during this crisis.

Jeremy and Briana Aguilar also discuss Byline's approach to the "new normal" over the coming months.


TCDs and TCRs and ITMs: Cash and technology before, during, and after a pandemic

ARCA Solutions Consultants, Briana Aguilar and Floyd Jones, chatted about how banks and credit unions must be creative in how they utilize cash automation technology in different cash environments in the “social distancing” short term and a “return-to-a-new-normal” long term.

Briana and Floyd also cover what problems TCDs, TCRs, and ITMs do and don’t solve as well as which cash environments are best suited for different types of cash automation technology.