The best cash automation technology. Hands down.

ARCA is focused on providing flexible cash automation solutions. Simple. Efficient. Secure. And it pays for itself.

ARCA Retail Managed Cash Services  

Introducing ARCA Retail MCS

ARCA provides a unique end-to-end cash automation solution. ARCA Retail MCS allows our retail customers to deploy best in class ARCA cash automation devices with unprecedented flexibility to choose their own financial institution(s) and armored carrier services.

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Great technology is only part of our story.

Hear directly from our customers how ARCA works to understand and solve your problems.

Our customers say it best.

Great technology is only part of the story.

Financial ProductsStar One Credit Union

ARCA walked us through every step of the way. The support that ARCA has given us has just been exceptional, from the riggers, to the techs, standing behind the teller line, educating employees.

Retail ProductsHenry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

The relationship that Omaha Zoo has with ARCA has been excellent. All along the way, they've taken our needs into account. We've seen new processes, new machinery. We've grown together.

OEM ProductsEveri (OEM)

ARCA supplies many of the cash payment devices for our automated kiosks in the casino industry. They have continually given us good products and good support.

We wrote the book on cash recyclers.

ARCA cash recyclers allow employees to focus on customers, not cash. It's a story so epic we turned it into a best-seller.

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